Saturday, October 06, 2007

Greg Knutson - Madison

Erik Santarius wins with a 5-0 result

Tournament Results

Top seeds were
1. Navin Sawalani 2284
2. Alexander Betaneli 2277
3. Erik Santarius 2158
4. Tatiana Vayserberg 2152

I went into the last round in a confident mood. I was paired aginst Brian Luo to whome I had never lost, but he won this time to bring our record to 1-1=2.

In the following fairly equal position I made the the horrible move 43. Rxf7??. That was a shame since I was only 2 moves away from making time control at 45. ( I had about 30 seconds left) . A couple of moves before I played another bad move g4 which lost the h-pawn. That's what I get for bad time management.
I finished with 3-2=0 (Losses to 2284 and 2065)
Performance rating: 1866
Rating Change: 1859-1860

Wssconsin tour

The "A" Class race will get interesting. Parker gained the most points, but he is still behind me, but Joel Kenny should move up from Class "B" to class "A" and he will be above me, since he was 8 points ahead of me and did .5 better than me in the Knutson tournament. It will all come down to the final event, the Wisconsin Memorial in December.


  1. Good Luck Ivan. Hope you have a great tournament. Thanks for the reports on this event.

  2. Seems to me you could easily be 2000 if you could just avoid these horrible blunders

  3. "Easily 2000" is at best misleading. There are some things that A class players need to "figure out" that the experts "get already." Ivan is a solid, good A class player at this point in my opinion.

    Too bad I didn't get to play silly Brian this time! Silly Tim Zhang on the other hand is to be avoided now, as J.Wagner and M.Nietman can testify to!

    Alex Betaneli

  4. Alex,
    don't over-evaluate the rating. It is a mathematical figure that reflects your past results. If you simply cash in more points by avoiding outright blunders, your rating will get better without further improving on your overall chess playing skills.
    Therefore, if Ivan can avoid these horrible blunders that cost him the necessary points/halfpoints he jumps over 2000 easily IMO.