Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Waukesha Chess Club G/90 , 4 rounds

Location : Waukesha Chess Club
There were around 32 players.

William Williams(2215) wins with 4.0/4.0. I was second with 3.5/4.0 (with 1/2 point bye)

USCF Results

1. Sep 26th Bye
2. Oct 3rd Win Black vs
3. Oct 10th Win White vs
4. Oct 17th Win White vs

Rating: 1839-1851

Round 2 - Win (Bye for Round 1)

Hiarcs found the following very interesting possibilty. Had my opponent seen it, he would have turned the tables and won the game. Although I am up a whole piece, White's army is fully mobilized with 16 units of fire power aiming at me.

Find the best move for White in the following position:

Click here for the game


  1. 1. Bxe5 Bxe5
    2. Nb6 Re8 (or any other move)
    3. Nd7+ Ka8
    4. Nxe5 winning a piece

    1. Bxe5 Bxe5
    2. Nb6 axb6
    3. Rxd8+ Ka7
    4. Rc8 (threatening Ra8++) b5
    5. b3 (we dont want to lose a pawn) any black move
    6. Rxg8 Rxg8
    7. Rxg8 with winning chances for white

  2. Again I jumped the gun before analyzing a bit longer..I see a lot of loopholes in my prev comment..

    I do not have enough time to look over thoroughly but other possibilities are

    1. Nc7 Bxc7
    2. Rxd8+ Bxd8
    3. Bxe5+ ka8
    4. Rc8++


    1. Nb6 axb6
    2. Rxd6 Rxd6
    3. Bxe5 Nf6
    4. Bxd6+ Ka6
    5. Rc7 with winning chances for white

    Again Black does not need to take on c7, but will then lose a piece leading to equal chances for white

  3. If 1. Nc7 black can play f6

    So the answer is Nb6!

    1. Nb6 axb6
    2. Rxd6 Rxd6 2.Bxe5!
    3. Bxe5 Nf6

  4. If
    1.Nb6 f6

    White can play Rxd6!

  5. I found Nc7.

    Black cannot capture the knight. If Bxc7, then Rxd8+, Bxd8 and white wins with Bxe5.

    If black develops the knight to either e7 or f7, White is going to follow up with Nb5 and black’s bishop is going to have no where to go without black losing a piece.

    Let me know if this is correct. It only took me about 5 minutes to find this.

  6. In my last post I said the knight moves to f7 and that should be f6.

  7. This is out of topic perhaps, so Ivan feel free to erase the post if you want. This is BIG though: 2008 US Amateur Team North event will be hosted in MILWAUKEE for the first time! The dates are February 16-17, team's avearage rating should be under 2200. Make plans and start creating teams people!!!
    Alex Betaneli

  8. Is it worth spending the day playing down several hundred of points? Strictly chess-improvement wise, would that time be more effectively spent studying?

  9. I would have normally played higher rated players in the last 2 rounds, but the pairings didn't work out. I did learn a lot from the games however. Although I won the last I had trouble coming up with a good plan after enjoying a good opening advantage.

  10. I've learned a lot about planning from two books: Silman's _Reassess Your Chess Workbook_, and Aagaard's _Excelling at Positional Chess_.

  11. question if i may, please: i am at my wits end!

    i have been able to get the lite LT-PGN-VIEWER up. i have been even able to post the game to the viewer, and see my own game with the navigable move side bar in hmtl, similar to your lovely geocities example.

    but how do i export that to text html? ive of course read everyones notes, but can't seem to do it. ive read tautenhahn, etc.

    id be so greatful if you might be willing albiet in your own context of need and limited time, to please assist me or guide me? is there any chance of that, or you give me a few clues? i am not a beginner in computing, nor highly advanced, but can do all the basics but dont have a map of all internet architecture (which i dont expect you to give me!)

    thank you, David K,

    BTW, im a close friend of GM Seirawans

  12. dk,

    Try this


  13. yes, i have chessbase9. as i said above. sorry if you missed that, and i thank you. i read your post on this, as you link. havent tried it yet. i work late, and go to bed very late, so behind eight ball now--sleep 6:20am to 12:30 pm and start work at two. warmly, dk