Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Quick Chess Event

Location : Waukesha Chess Club

4 Round Swiss. Time control G/12 with 3 sec. delay.

I scored 3-1=0.

USCF Results

This is the positon just before I made the losing move Nd6 againts Stanley T Garvin(1816). This was one of those games where I had Black under pressure for most of the game and under estimated the power of the Black queen.

I was talking to Ashish Vaja after the game and he thought the best move here was to take the knight and then playing f4 gaining a tempo to play the knight fork on c7, when White should win.


  1. I already expressed my opinion before:
    Make a blundercheck before making a move, then you will reach 2000 soon.

    IMO you focus only on YOUR moves while neglecting/underestimating the opponents' possibilities. In the given position you would have definitely seen blacks' answer if you were black; so here is my advice: next time in a sharp position, stand up and look at the position from your opponents' side of the board and try to come up with his best moves IOT get a more accurate evaluation of the position and its' inherent potentials for both sides.

  2. Thanks for the input. I noticed that Brian Lou likes to do this, infact I remember one time when playing him and I left the playing area on returning I found him sitting in my seat!

  3. Ivan, to each his own: you are no Brian Lou. I find it rather silly when he walk over behind me to stare at the position, but it might help a small % of people. As I said before, you need to make a qualitative leap, especially given the age (!), in order to become an expert. I don't have a magic formula, but am willing to give it a shot.
    Alex Betaneli