Friday, February 22, 2008


It looks like the following team will represent the East in the play-offs. The 3 grandmaster team will not be eligible.


  1. What's your source of information? And why were they excluded?

  2. This is from comments on Lizzy's blog

    Eugene Perelshteyn wrote:
    > Carol,
    > Yes, going into the event it was our understanding that we would not
    > be eligible to play in the final in case we win 1st. I believe Steve
    > Doyle mentioned it to Roman, and we were fine with this.
    > Either way, we are not interested to play in the final as it will be
    > online. Our goal was to have fun, play next to each other
    > over-the-board, and enjoy the great atmosphere of the tournament.
    > You can contact the 2nd place team.
    > Best,
    > Eugene
    > --- Carol Jarecki wrote:
    >> Hi Eugene,
    >> There is some misunderstanding, and lots of controversy, regarding
    >> your team's acceptance into the Playoff.
    >> As you said, the team members understood they could not play, as
    >> established in past years, because of it's rating configuration.
    >> Since the restriction wasn't in writing in the East's TLA Steve Doyle
    >> feels the team is allowed although others disagree, asserting the
    >> rule of not more than a 1000-point difference between boards 3 and 4
    >> has been in place for so long that it no longer needs annual
    >> publication. This has caused such national contoversy that he has
    >> gone so far as to suggest the Playoffs be cancelled this year. This
    >> would be very unfortunate and most likely would not be agreed.
    >> I need to know if I may contact the second-place team to partipate in
    >> the Playoffs on April 12th which would satisfactorily resolve this
    >> problem in the interest, intention and tradition of the US Amateur
    >> Team tournaments.
    >> Many thanks for a quick reply and cooperation.
    >> Carol