Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2nd Round Loss from UW Winter Open

I finished with 2-1=1

USCF Results here

I know how important it is to not to pay much attention to a player's rating, but when paired against a low rated adult player in round 2, I let my guard down. I have to make sure I don't do that again!

Lately I have been going over some games by Tal and felt like 1800 version of Tal (with none of the talent!) when I played my last move Nd4.
White didn't find the best move (Qb7) and a few moves later we arrived at the following position with White to play: I was too busy congratulating myself on my win of the exchange, that I didn't pay enough attention to the strong passer and paid for it! I dicided to blockade the pawn with the Queen, usually not a good idea. I should have played Rfd8 and attacked the White king.

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