Saturday, February 16, 2008


USCF results here

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The following team went 5-0, and will represent the the North in the national play-offs.

Right to left

1) 2282 Betaneli Alexander
2) 2239 Vaja Ashish
3) 2175 Santarius Erik
4) 2003 Magness Trevor

IM Mesgen Amanov Checking out the last round action. (He did not play in the main event, but won the unrated blitz event)

My team came in 3rd overall and won the U1900 prize. We also won the best team name with "Team Name Here"

1) 2000 WILLIAM M WENZ 1.5/4.0
2) 1905 STANLEY T GARVIN 0.5/4.0
3) 1851 Me 3.5/4.0
4) 1823 NEIL J GLEASON 2.0/3.0
5) 1643 NOLAN R HENDRICKSON 3.5/5.0

I drew a 1980 and beat 1601, 1709 & 1834

Rating change 1856->1886


  1. Congratulations to the winning team! It was a great tournament! I enjoyed playing in it.

  2. Well done, Ivan! I am happy for your individual and joint success!

  3. The tournament was over yesterday. Why is it not rated already? What kind of mickey mouse organizing is this?

  4. It is not rated because there were problems on USCF's end. One of the TD's started working on getting the problem fixed this morning (Monday). Will probably be rated by this evening.

  5. What problems on USCF's end? Be more specific. Players not USCF members? That is not USCF problem - that is organizer problem for not checking. Do not blame USCF for organizer mistakes.

  6. Relax, anonymous. The organizers and TDs did a GREAT job this weekend. We can easily wait a day for the ratings to be published !

    Congratulations to all winners, and great tournament overall.

  7. Hello Greg,

    Thanks for the comments. I had a great time. It was my first team tournament, and I enjoyed the experience.

    I would some day like to play in the East version of this event. They had a record 291 teams this year!

    There was one team with 3 GMs and a ~1000 rated player on board 4. The team name was GGGg

    Some people are talking about bringing back the rule that forbid rating differences of more than 1000 points on a team, since having GM stacked teams goes against the concept of an 'Amateur' event.

  8. I agree with the statement, ". . . since having GM stacked teams goes against the concept of an 'Amateur' event."

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the link! You probably figured out that I blog about a lot more than chess--my son is the chess player and so chess is an occasional topic. The link you have is fine, but if you want a more specific link to just my chess-related posts, you could use this one:


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