Saturday, February 23, 2008

UW Winter Open

Round 5

1) Romich 4.0 vs Parker 3.5 DRAW
2) Santarius 3.0 vs Yusim 3.5 1-0
3) Nietman 3.0 vs Smail B. 3.0 1-0


  1. This is ridiculous! Updates!!


    I'm serious though updates!

  2. Yes Ivan, please... I would really like to know how things are going.

  3. Santarius won in round 2 parker drew
    I took a 3rd round bye

    I will update before round 4

  4. This is sadly the effect of playing a lot. I play one event a month if that and make sure the events are a few weeks apart. Your playing this tournament then the next one the fide event chris b is doing. Thats very soon that event ivan and if you keep playing events close together you are sure to continue the yoyo effect of playing well in one event and badly in a few.

    I know I have said this before ivan and I know you dont believe me but your results are proving me true

    Jon Burgess