Monday, March 24, 2008

The Dallas Chess Club

I have spent more time in the Dallas area than any other, about 17 years (1986-2003). While there I took part in numerous events at the Dallas Chess Club. The DCC is one of the most active clubs in the nation with over 2000 events hosted since 1991.

When I got a chance to play in a G/30 tournament this past Friday I took it. I finished 1-1=2 with a loss to a Master. I had draws against lower rated opponents, but considering the fact that I don't usually play G/30 and the that the players in question were up and coming juniors, it was not that bad.

The Friday, 4 round G/30 events usually attract around 80 players and has had over a 100.(when Hikaru Nakamura played). GMs and IMs from the UTD team frequent this event and this week was no exception.

USCF results

The nation's top 11 year old Darwin Yang got past 2200 mark for the first time at this event by drawing GM ALEJANDRO RAMIREZ in round 2. Dawin had Q+2p vs Q, but could not find a way to get out of checks with not much time left on his clock

Top 11 year olds
1) Yang, Darwin TX 2202
2) Ostrovskiy, Aleksandr A NY 2020
3) Shetty, Atulya Arya MI 1943

The DCC is also home to Robert Smeltzer who broke a USCF record in 1996 by playing 2266 rated games in one year. Robert has participated in almost 2700 events! since 1991

TD and expert player Luis Salinas is the "main force" behind the DCC


  1. Sounds and looks like a nice club.

  2. I play there all the time. You went there the weekend I decided to take my first weekend off of playing chess in over a year!

  3. It is an excellent chess club indeed. My only complaint is that it's not closer to Corpus Christi, TX!

  4. i sawy you play the guy that beat keith you are very good

  5. dallas chess club is well run and a friendly hospitable place.long live dallas chess club.

  6. chess is great for dallas,chess is great for america,chess is great for the world!

  7. whoever invented chess was a genius and i'm grateful to him

  8. Robert Smeltzer died

  9. Strong competition. Very active. Action time controls. It is not a social club. It is really more of a tournament hall than anything. A lot of children.