Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"King of CTS"

At the recent FIDE event in Milwaukee. I had a chat with Gopal Menon(AKA blitzmaniac), the undisputed "King of CTS". For the un-initiated CTS (Chess Tactics Server) is a site that allows users to hone their skill at solving chess tactics. There are currently ~24,000 problems and ~20,000 registered users.

Gopal at the FIDE event in Milwuakee where he tied for 3rd place

Gopal is currently ranked #25 in the USCF age 16 list with a rating of 2035. For the last 4 years he has gone up one rating class every year. At this rate he should be a master by 2009. In one tournament in 2005 he went from 1594 to 1737!

When did you start playing on CTS?

Around the US Open in 2006.

How many problems did it take you to get to 2000?

50,000 What is the most number of problems you did in one sitting?
On a scale of 1-10, How helpful is CTS in making one a better chess player?
7-8, but there is no substitute to playing stronger opponents.
When you see a problem, what percent of the time do you remember the answer, rather than calculate?

I remember the solution about 75% of the time since I have seen each problem 3-4 times, but most of the time I calculate it anyway (some problems have multiple answers).


  1. thanks for the heads up at my last post, and nice to put an image and identity with the handle.

    these are impressive results, but there are many kings at CTS. my dogWaste's 96.4% at 1500+ is no laughing matter, nor my dkTransform's 40,000 tries at 88.3%is something to be ashamed of--but these probably warrent only the 'sub-King' designation? :).

    recently most of my sessions are 97.5% to 98%+ dk


  2. Mr blitzmaniac,

    How do you solve in .5 secods?

  3. I am only rated 1400, but got some solutions in .5 seconds, because I knew the answer right away

  4. if its all about me, then why Giordano is it that at your two visible blogs do not allow reply, either at mi vida loc@com or Dretske Discussion Forum,

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  5. A very fascinating article. Perhaps next time you should ask how their secret to becoming strong at chess

  6. dktransform's constant bragging and mediocrity is legendary.