Thursday, March 06, 2008

Record turnout at the Waukesha Chess Club

38 players are competing in this 4 round swiss ( G/90 ). One game a week.
Place : Waukesha Chess Club
Day : Wednesdays
Time : 7pm

Cardenas wins click here for USCF results

1958 Cardenas, Davis R.

1559 Hartig, Hugo J.

I played White against Bucher in the 3rd round. Here Black has to play Nfd7, but blundered with Ne8??, after which I win the Queen for Rook with the sequence Rh3, g5 and Rf3

I lost to Hugo Hartig in the last round


  1. Why do you always take first round byes?

  2. I take byes for 2 main reasons:

    1) Could not attand due to other commitments.

    2) I don't like to play 3 games in one day, during w-end events.

    In this case it was 1)

  3. dude, your as good as your going to get. dont kid yourself about being 2000.

  4. If by the end of this year I haven't made much progress, I will agree with you, if not you will have to eat your words.

    What's your rating, 1200?

  5. I:

    Don't pay any attention to what other "anonymous" said. From the short time that I have seen you play, with the enthusiasm and dedication to improving that you demonstrate, I believe that a solid Master rating is very possible.

  6. I agree, shoot for the moon Ivan !!!! ;^) I like the coverage you provide for the tournaments you go to since I live in the midwest. Please keep it up. I hope you post some good stuff this weekend in hales corner.

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    I don't mind negative comments at all, in fact they make me more determined to improve.

    I hope the FIDE/USCF event will be successful.

    There is no internet access at the site, so updating will not be so easy.

    There is a library close by, but they don't open till 10:00, which is the time of the first round.

  8. Ivan, What is your current study program?

  9. I am of the idea that one can get to expert strength purely by having good tactical vision.

    If I look at almost all the games I lose(or win for that matter), this is the case.

    For the last two months or so I have been focussing solving tactical problems:

    From books including Complete-Chess-Workout

    Chess Tactics Server and other computer based tactical exercises.

    I play around 10 rated games a month with a time control of at least G/90

    I am also studying Rook endings and Pawn endings.

    Avarage 30 min/day doing cardio.