Sunday, March 09, 2008

FIDE/USCF Milwaukee

1st MCA/Southwest Chess Club FIDE Futurity

Click here for USCF results

Click here for final results

The two IMs, Angelo Young & Mesgen Amanov tied for first. Young beat FM Aleksander Stamnov, in a 138 move marathon in round 5. It looked like Young was not making any progress for many moves, but prevailed in the end. Young has made a lot of progress in diagram 2, but I wonder if Stamnov could have defended better starting from diagram 1. (It's Whites move)

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

There were 48 players (7 FIDE) . Kudos to Chris for organizing. He is planning a round robin event in June that will guarantee a FIDE rating norm to unrated players. Free soft drinks and customized score sheets/pens were nice touches.

Local Master, Ashish Vaja made a $100 donation to the first prize, to bring it to $400.

I finished 3-2=0. I lost to IM Angelo Young and expert Allen Becker. I didn't get blown away by the IM , I thought that I was hanging in there till the very end. A unexpected exchange sacrifice by Angelo sent me into a tail spin. Click here for pgn.


  1. Nice turn out Chris. Good job.

    Keep us posted on the event.

  2. looks like over 40 top area players made there way out of a paper bag to compete in this one!

    hope things are going well.


  3. It is a good turnout but a shame no results is a problem with most events that noone posts results. At least Ivan has a list of players the chris website doesnt even have that. I guess we will just have to wait for the event to be rated to see how anyone did.

  4. Ivan - the results after round 3 and the round 4 pairings links are not working.

  5. Ivan - the results after round 3 and the round 4 pairings links are not working.

  6. To anonymous: it's not a "shame" no results are in. First, results are in, as the tournament progresses. Isn't this great nowadays? (OK, we're not up to Linares standards, yet). Obviously, the organizer (Chris) is busy during the tournament, and there is no wireless connection in the tournament hall. I have fed crosstables to Ivan, so the TD crew is actively working to get updates into cyberspace, and we are grateful to Ivan. By the way, the Rd 4 Sunday morning pairings link was not working simply because the pairings had not been finalized at that point.
    -Allen Becker

  7. Allen

    I had the same complaint about sevans IM event that results were not up that quick so dont take offense happens at all events.

  8. wow, this seems like a great event. I regret missing my opportunity playing in this.For sure I am playing in the next MCA tournament.

  9. How much were the prizes? And how did they break up? Who won which prizes including the class prizes?

  10. The prizes were mentioned in the previous post, you can figure out who won by looking at the final table. I don't have the names of all the prze winners.

    The IMs shared 1st and 2nd.

    The players with 4 points split 3rd + under 2000

  11. congrats to everyone who played and congrats to Chris for putting on a great event.

    Thanks to Ivan for all the tournament updates.

    Hopefully someone got a fide rating from this event.

    Nice to see the event rated so quickly

    Jon Burgess

  12. DEAN AROND Made a FIDE rating norm

  13. To all the players and organizers

    Congratulation! nice event and good turn-out.

    Cheers! for Chris Baumgartner