Saturday, July 22, 2006

Green Bay Open July 22-23


There were 79 entries. The top seeds were:

3) 2113 VAJA, ASHISH

The winner was SANTARIUS, ERIK F who beat BETANELI, ALEXANDER in the last round to finish with a perfect score.

Another great performance by 9 year old LUO, BRIAN J who finished clear second with 4.5 points. He is now rated 2025.

My Results
1) Draw Me vs FEDUNOV, DANIL (1728)
2) Win MC CLANAHAN, BRYCE (1233) vs Me
3) Win Me vs BORMAN, KELLY L (2003)
4) Draw ELGER, WILLIAM A (1964) vs Me
5) Loss HOFFMAN, GUY G (1922) vs Me
In this game I was offered a draw in a clearly equal position, but since 3.5 points was not enough for any prize money, I decided to play on and ended up getting a knight trapped!

Score: 2-1=2
Rating: 1800-1813


  1. Congratulations! Defeating Kelly Borman is no easy task, and to have a draw in hand with Guy Hoffman is also impressive. I made a draw with Mr. Elger last November in a tournament in Oshkosh. He is the only one of those five I've played. Well done!

  2. Thanks.

    I just need to study more and work on getting a coach, and I should see a rating increase.

    It's just that I enjoy playing, and spend far too much time doing that rather than studying.

  3. Quick question: how do you post the chess diagrams on your blog. I found a neat Knight + pawn endgame I want to post, but I don't know how to utilize the blogger technology. I do have Chess Base 9.0, too.

  4. Ivan-

    You should post your games so people can point and laugh... I mean... make comments. Seriously though it's good just to review them so you can replay the moves. A lot of times when I do this from a fresh perspective, things seem obvious that weren't during the game.

    Also on a side note, determine what you are playing for before the tournament. Rating? Prize? Both? Having a clear goal helps you keep a clear head.

  5. Good luck on achieving your goal, Ivan! Looks like you're well on your way. Hopefully you won't run into any shady opponents who switch pieces around while you're away from the board like you did a few years ago...


    All the best,

    Matt Nemmers

  6. Hello Matt,


    How long will you be in TX.

    Looks like you haven't yet gotten a chance to check out the Dallas Chess Club Friday Night Action event.

  7. Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.