Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 9, 3rd Coast Challenge

A very strong field showed up.

(1) AngeloYoung 2460 (R) (2) Mehmed Pasalic 2408 (L)

(3) Anthony Cozzie 2399 (L) (4) Alexander Betaneli 2302 (R)

Story of the tournament

9 year old Brian Luo has performance rating of 2430! He finished with 3-1 which included wins over Jon Burgess 2233 and Steven Szpisjak 2200. He now has a rating of 2011, which makes him the top rated 9 year old in the nation.

Brian Luo in action in the last round against Mehmed Pasalic

My Results

Round 1: Loss to Steven Tennant 2209, Round 2: Win against a 1274, Round 3 loss to a 1965, Round 4 win against a 1684. I gained 1 rating point!

Allen Becker and Tom Fogec, fellow Southwest Chess Club members.

Result: 2-2=0
Rating: 1800-1801

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  1. Looks like you performed as your rating would predict. That was a very strong field indeed. Congratulations.