Friday, July 14, 2006

Hales Corners SWCC Club Championship

This is a 6 round Swiss with 1 game a week G/100

The top seeds are:
1) Jon Breider 2144
2) Raymond Hayes 2100
3) Allen Becker 2039

My Results

  1. Win Me vs SCHULTZ, MARVIN A (1500) - July 13th
  2. Loss ROYCHOUDHURY, SOUVIK (1969) vs Me - July 24th
  3. Win vs DEMLER, JOHN A (1466) - July 27th
  4. Loss CARDENAS, DAVID R (1905) - Aug 15 - 2006
  5. Win vs FIXEL, MICHAEL R (1642)
  6. Loss Me vs IRELAND, JOHNATHAN (1786)


  1. Ivan,
    I may have obstructed you to reach your 2000 point goal. I have seen your recent results in Bloomington, drawing with 2000 players, and I am glad that fortune worked for me in the last round of the last weekend tourney.
    I am analyzing our game and I would like to publish the analysis. Would you like to see/correct it before publishing?
    Good luck,
    PS: I happened to find your blog and I identified you by our game only. Don't you want to display your name somewhere on the site?

  2. Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.