Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15-16 Minneapolis Chess Castle

This is a seven round G/60 with 15 sec. delay

1) Loss to a 2118
2) Win against a 1250
3) Win against 850
4) Loss to a 2102
5) Loss to a 1996
6) Win 1822
7) Draw 1640

Score : 3-3=1
Rating : 1801-1800

Some pictures taken at the Chess Castle


  1. I hope you did well on day #2!

  2. Thanks.

    I did okay, but not good enough to gain any points. The draw against the 1640 cost me.

    That game went down to the wire. I thought I had the better ending since I had the 2 bishops and better pawn structure (there were with 2 rooks each too)

    I hung one of my bishops, but still managed to draw.

    This was the situation. I attacked a pinned knight, threatening to win it next move with a pawn push.
    He moved his bishop to guard the pinned rook so that he could move the knight. I just failed to see that his defensive bishop move was also an attacking move since by moving it he dicovered an attack on my bishop with his other rook.

    Are you playing in Green Bay?

  3. It's frustrating when one blunder can ruin a won position. :(

    No, I am unable to get to Green Bay next weekend. I'm setting my sights on the Wisconsin Veteran's Open in Oshkosh in November. I hope to have at least a couple more lessons with GM Novikov and to get some work in on both tactics and endings by then. Good skill if you go to the GB Open.

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