Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Can I be this bad? I hope not. The timing coudn't be worse as my next tournament is the Chicago open. I was speaking to my friend Jose and he suggested that after next weeks game I take two weeks completely off of chess.

Here Black has a good game after ...d4, but I played Rc8

Clich here to replay


  1. You just had a bad run (tournament). It happens to the best of players. You will bounce back and forget all about this tournament.

  2. Hi Ivan,
    You should only be getting 1.5 or 2 points in this crowd anyway. If you were 3.5 or 4 out of six you would still be within the range of your demonstrated abilities. Stop killing yourself and try to relax.
    I like Jose's idea a lot about taking a break. You can use the time to post your 5 best wins on the site to get some positive energy going. I myself would be interested in your 5 best tournament (performance rating wise).

    Take Care

  3. Ivan,

    Think this way were close to drawing many of the games, including the one with me. Just that you didn't get a move or two. Thats it ! I liked the idea of posting your best moves or games in this site.


  4. Ivan,

    I don't think you should do "business as usual" now. Ignoring your catastrophic performance ("forget about this tournament") and relying on chance & probability for a better result next time will surely not improve your play...

    And instead of presenting your "Best of" now to the public (as suggested by others) you should rather analyse your losses very thoroughly. (Not only WHAT you should have played, but also WHY you actually played like you did)

    IMO you don't have a plan and you don't pay attention to your opponent's plan. You just make moves on general rules like "put your rook on an open file..." That's it. You can't expect to improve this way...

    Better read Nimzowitsch and Watson, that will help you much more.

    BTW a break is definitely a good idea. But I propose two months rather than two weeks.
    Come on, two weeks is no break...


  5. Ivan,

    Your evaulation after ...d4 is very interesting. "Black has a good game" have you analyzed this yourself of Fritz'd this? Maybe Frtiz see's something I dont, but "Black has a good game" is not how I would evaluate this position. Forget taking a break, forget all this stuff, you need to analyze your games yourself. You would become a stronger player doing that alone I bet. Maybe this idea of posting your best games is good, but can you do it without using Fritz and doing your own analysis, maybe post your most instructive losses also. The main thing is you put in the time to analyze yourself, you will gain deeper understand of chess this way.


  6. Off topic question:

    Cheeseheads- do you know of any information about this years western open? I cant find it listed on your states website.

  7. The is from the organizer:
    In case you missed hearing:

    The Cedric Thompson Challenge is cancelled for this year at least. It
    may be permanent, it may only be for a year.

    The Western is still on, but the status of the Levit is as of right
    now, also in doubt, but that should be resolved by the time the
    Western is held.

    I will try to get the dates for it.


  8. I hope you bounce back from this setback, Ivan. I haven't been making any progress lately, either.
    We only have 7 more months to reach our goal. Good luck to you!

    BTW, will you be playing in any Michigan tournaments this year?

  9. Actually we only have about six months, since the cut off for the Dec. supplement is Nov. 7th

    I have dug myself into a deep hole, although I feel that I can dig myself out.

    My next tournament is the Chicago Open. I would like to play in Michgan before November.

  10. Ivan---Good Luck tonight. Be confident. ---Tom

  11. Thanks for the support -iw