Friday, April 04, 2008

2008 Arpad Elo Open, Wisconsin Dells
April 5-6

There were 58 players, but only 12 in the top section.

10 year old Alexander Velikanov rated 2028 won all his games(+3rd round bye) to finish clear first. He gained 20 points to close in on Brian Luo in the USCF age 10 list.

1) Luo, Brian J WI 2068
2) Velikanov, Alexander WI 2028
3) Pamatmat, Jarod TX 2002

I didn't play so well and finished with 1-1=1, I could not play the last round(sick family member) and took a first round bye. I started with a draw against Nietman (1921). In the second round I misplayed the opening and had a bad position, but just after I fought my way back to equal played a horrible move that lost the game. I had a slight edge for a while in round 4, then went from being horribly lost to winning in my opponent's time trouble.

Velikanov vs Nietman, Round 5 (The secret must be to drink lots of water!)

Event History (players/winner(s))
2008 59 (13+46) , ALEXANDER VELIKANOV
2007 56 (21+35) , ALEX BETANELI, JEREMY KANE
2006 47 (20+27) , DANE M MATTSON
2005 48 (20+28) , STANISLAU SMIATANKIN


  1. Updates of teh games ??


  2. Only 12 players in the Open!! How are they going to handle the Class A and Class B prizes? Or are there not going to be any!?

  3. I wish I would have played. Guaranteed top 10 finish !!


  4. Ivan,

    What is happening in the reserve section, c'mon man. I thought this was a high class media outlet.

  5. Congratulations Sasha!!

  6. I meant to introduce myself this weekend as I enjoy reading your blog (and have it linked on mine) but my games kept running long and I never got the time. I should have played up this weekend with only 12 in the Open section, we might have met over the board! I'm going to post about my results at the Dells later today/tomorrow.