Friday, April 04, 2008

Critical position from my last loss

I am Black, I have about 5 min. White has 1 min.(with 5 sec. delay). I spent too much evaluating the position after 1...Qh1+ 2. Ke2 Qxc1 3.Bxe6+ Kxe6 4. Qxg6+

Considering the time factor, I should have played ...Qg2+, now that my rook is protected I can move my king to e7.

During the game I didn't even look at ...Qg2+

In the actual game I ended up being up a Bishop, but lost too many pawns, and lost in a wild time scramble.


  1. The first move that jumped out at me was Qe4. However, Qg2+ looks good also. Not sure which one is best. Would it not be better to move the king to f8 as opposed to e8 after Qg2+? No time to fully analyze right now. Just a quick observation of the position.

  2. Ivan

    After Qh1,Ke2,Qxc1,BxE6 + why take the Bishop play KF6 !

    Jon Burgess

  3. I was wrong after Kf6 then Qf5 wins.

    so this position is not easy. I think Qg2 + is a good start move indeed the problem is the blakc rook being pinned


  4. 1..Qg2 with the idea 2..b4! (3.a4 b3 and 4.Bb4 wins) should have killed white with just 1 minute time left.
    White#s king is very uncomfortably blocked on the first rank