Friday, April 18, 2008

Yet another loss!

I am now 0-4. But as they say, "What does not kill you will make you stronger". I am also increasing my probability of winning in the future :)

The opening was good for me. Inaccurate play in the middle game cost me a pawn, but I was sure that I could hold the resulting Bishop endgame. My opponent then sacrificed a pawn, so the material was equal.

We reached the following position. My last move was Kd5-d6. This move is a blunder because it allows White to play Bf6! It is interesting to note that Bf6 only draws if I had played Kd5-c6!

I lost this game because I failed to look at winning plans for White, was too confident of my drawing chances in my opponents time trouble.

I have seen Bishop endings where the theme was to sacrifice a bishop to queen a pawn, but in this game I forgot all about it. There is so much to remember!

I spent a lot of time going over this game and learnt a lot about Bishops of same color endings.


  1. Can you please post the analysis/line showing why Kc6 is only a draw for white. Thanks.

  2. Kc6 is a draw only if White replies Bf6, otherwise White should win. I am sure I could have held the draw if I had not the Black Bishop get access to its current diagonal.

  3. After
    Bf6 gxf
    h6 e4

    if white takes twice on e4, I can play ...b2 kc2, Bxc3

  4. What timing! You should see the won bishops of same color ending I screwed up at my blog.

  5. Ivan,
    I think we have produced an excellent example for ending analysis. I am glad that I could go for this risky variation with the pawn sac. This is an extremely complex posaition which with the help of a computer also is coming as difficult to analyze. White had a lot of themes where - one is Bishop sac which I played. The other was to plat Be7 followed by Bf8 if allowed (if black does nothing). Many cases I would promote a pawn to queen and you will have a biship and a couple of pawns. Exciting stuff.
    I also checked the Kc6 line. It is not an easy game. In many lines, one obvious move by black will cost him the game. It is not a draw. It is just an exciting end game where black can hold on with accurate play. I am not sure I could hold on to it with less than a minute on my clock. I am analysizing it with tehj computer and the evaluation is changing from +- to = with one slip. I am finding Rybka making a lot more wrong evaluation that Shredder. Wish I had the latest Fritz. Will publish it in my blog later. Lets continue this discussion for some time.


  6. What I was saying was that after Kc6 instaed of d6, Bf6 only draws, but Be7 probably wins for White

  7. It seems that after Be7, black has to play Bc3 and then white again needs to play is extremely rich position....I ama analyzing this for the last 30 mins but not sure whether "with accurate play" from both sides whthere it is win for white or draw. I wish, we had more time (like fide time control) in the game !

  8. Published the analysis of our game