Thursday, August 17, 2006

A couple of wins

This(the Hetzel vs. Me game) is the 6th game of a 5 round double round robin tournament. I started off 1-3. Based on the ratings of the players I had to score 5/6 to avoid a rating loss. (Now 4/5). The rating loss I am talking about is hypothetical since I am at my floor. But since this tournament won't be rated till sometime in October, any good results I may have up to then will be wiped out when this tournament is rated, unless I can turn things around.

Two games is a row where I develop the Queens rook via a7! But this time in a winning cause. I am not sure if 7...c5 was a good move by me, but since white did not play d4 when he got the chance, it worked out in my favor. The variation 20...Bg5 after 20.Nxd4 is very interesting. I stopped looking after I saw that White can play 24.Nc6 after 23...Bxe1. But the variation is not over as I can play Rc7 then Rfc8 (If White plays 25.Rxe1, but his best is 25.d4), force the knight to move and then either fork the Knight and Bishop or trap the Bishop. (Courtesy of Fritz)

So far the main story is the performance of 8 year old Alexander Velikanov who is in my section and has a score of 6-0!. I was supposed to play him next Wednesday with the black pieces, but the game has been postponed for late September. This is my loss as white gainst him played a few weeks ago.

Won a game in the Hales Corner Club Championahip. I think it was a mistake for me to play 8.c4 and give the black bishop scope. Other than that I don't think I made any bad moves.

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