Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Chess Blindness US G/45

I am black and played Bd6?? When Qxe5 just wins. I lost this game. I really can't explain gross blunders like this. The only explanations is that I have been playing a lot. In the next few months I will be playing a lot less and studying more.


  1. I notice that in your posts you consistently call out blunders as if they are somehow "apart" from your overall level of play - almost as if you don't feel responsible for them. Reading between the lines, I hear you say "I am a strong player, but this blunder happened to me."

  2. I looked through your games. One game you play strongly, the next you hang a piece! I'm 1635 but the last time I hung a piece was 15 to 20 games ago. Solving basic tactics puzzles in less than 10 seconds will greatly help to improve your intuition and consistency.

    Alas, I have the strategic skills of a sea monkey, hence my lower rating. :)