Monday, August 14, 2006

Improving/Training Etc.

This is my plan:

Phase I:

Play tournament games with time control of at least G/60.

Phase II:

Use the games from above to figure out an improvement strategy with the help of a coach. Study more and not play as much.

I am in the transition from Phase I to II, but since I enjoy playing so much its going to be hard to study instead of play. But if I want to improve that is what I have to do. I have started taking lessons from NM Pete Karagianis

I was planning on taking the coming w-end off, but that was before I saw the following tournament:

Aug. 19-20 34th Upper Peninsula Open
5SS, G/120. Bay College Cafeteria Center, 2001 N. Lincoln Rd, Escanaba MI. EF: $30 (19 and under $20), $5 more if after 8/12. $200 first pl. guar; other prizes based on entries. Trophy to top UP player and UP Jr. Reg: 9-9:30. Rds: 10-2:30-7, 10-2:30. Byes avail. Checks payable to LSCA c/o Robert John, 315 E Prospect St, Marquette MI 49855, 906-228-8126,

I have never played in MI and Escanaba seems like a really nice place.


  1. Ivan-

    Chess is also about having fun, remember. It is important to study, but you should also do what you like. Statistics have shown that active competitive players who practice what the learn improve quicker. So play away :)

    Also it gives me more games to analyze and see how you're coming along.

  2. I figure what a coach would do is point out where you're weakest and suggest how to improve. I'm weak everywhere and already have enough chess software and books. ;)

    My study mix is: 50% play, 25% tactics, 10% game analysis, 10% endings, 5% openings. Obviously, too little strategy and planning.

    How much does your coach charge?

  3. You can click on the link in the first comment. I am not sure what his current rates are