Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting to 1801?

A couple of my friends have suggested that I change the name of this blog to "Getting to 1801". The way I am playing right now, that might not be a bad idea.

I am trying to get off my floor before the October supplement comes out. Which means I still have the 7 round G/60 tournament coming up this w-end.

Today I lost a game to a 1764 player. There are many ways of losing, this way is pretty painful.

I am playing white. After an equal game where black may have been better, black finds himself 2 pawns down. He then thinks for a while and sacrifices a rook. I did not expect this sac and started to panic. Then I realized that the rook sac was a bluff, since I had the "always" relaible defensive knight move 33.Nf3. But just before I played it I saw another defensive move (33.Ra2), which I thought was eqally good, and only realized after I payed it that it loses quickly.


  1. What would you have done after Nf3, Qf2+, Kh1, Nxe3