Friday, August 04, 2006

Hales Corners G/30 3 Round Swiss

I had great games in both the games I did not win, and could have picked up a lot of rating points, but with only 30 min on the clock many mistakes were made. I still gained a few points.

  1. Win Me vs DEMLER, JOHN A (1527)
  2. Draw FRICANO, PAUL ROYAL (1993) vs me
  3. Loss Me vs MCELWEE, PATRICK (1977)

I had black in round 2 in the position above, and only managed a draw! (Black to play)

Score: 1-1=1
Rating: 1813-1816


  1. There is no such thing as "could have won." There is "won" or "lost" or occasionally "drew." I once had an ending I "could have won" against an IM. But he kicked my ass from a losing position because he was/is a much stronger player, and played much better than I did. Do you catch my drift?

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  3. Hello Ivan, Hope to see yo uat DCC some time. What did he play when you played Nf5!? This move seems to just win big.

    Nice Blog by the way.

  4. I didn't play Nf5. I played n check instead.