Saturday, August 26, 2006

Roman Lewit - Aug 26,27

Pete suggested that I play openings that I have never played before. So I tried all kinds of openings like 1.b3 as white.

Tournament Result

Looking at losses. Link to losses

I was thinking about the 4 games I lost in this tournament. I think the opening experiment was a good one. I got to experience many new kinds of positions, although it was unnerving at times, for instance having to face the kings gambit. I think I got out of the opening in fairly decent shape, except in the kings gambit game.

Loss 1 / Parker,A (1938) vs Me
Misplayed the black side of a Kings Gambit.

Loss 2 / Me vs Her,S (1665)
After having just won a piece, I made one of the worst moves possible, and even after dropping the queen I could have still gone into a slightly worse ending with a rook+minor piece vs queen, but I made a second bad move.

Loss 3 / Me vs Grochowski,R (1678)
Got my self into really bad time trouble after arriving about 20 min. late for the G/60 game, and dropped my queen.

Loss 4 / Me vs Schmakel,S (1708)
Got a great attacking positon with all my pieces bearing down on the king. Didn't have the tactical insight to see the killer blow on more than one occation, and ended up dropping a piece.

What I have observed in looking at these and other recent losses is that in the early part of the game I do okay and calculate fairly accurately, but as the game goes on I make very elementary tactical mistakes. Time trouble has something to do with it, but maybe I just get bored/tired. Maybe I should take a break in the middle of the game and go for a short walk/ drink some coffee etc.

Link to wins

I was planning on taking the coming w-end off, but I decided to play in the Michigan Open. I plan to play in the 4-day option and take a bye for the first round. The 40/120 G/60 time control is great.


  1. You should never just go to a tournament and play openings you have never played before or never prepared for you should stick to the same openings thats how you improve.

    Jon Burgess

  2. Ivan,

    Nice game against the Scandinavian. I thinks it's an overrated defense and bringing out the queen early causes more trouble than it's worth.

  3. Jon-

    That depends. The reason I suggested Ivan play entirely different openings is to get him to start looking at fresh positions. I looked at a lot of his recent losses and noticed he was losing to simple moves- tactics he should be able to see. Ivan is a strong player and so I thought perhaps he was getting too "bored" or "comfortable" or whatever else you may want to call. I wanted to force him to think about every move and play creatively again, so I told him to try playing openings he has never played before to get a "fresh look" at the chess board. I didn't expect him to score well, but I thought it might help illustrate where I, as a coach, can help him get better. I guess only the games, and Ivan's experience, will tell.


  4. oh ok pete I didnt know your ivans coach.


  5. Always playing the same opening can be too boring. It is good to be creative and try different openings. However, you should establish what new openings you want to try and go over similar types of games prior to the tournament.

  6. In your win over Grochowski, even though you initially won a piece, it looks like if white plays 18.Bxb4, he is actually winning the game! You won a piece and then fell asleep!!

  7. I see in your game against Grochowski you should have lost. You will never make it to 2000 if you play like this.

  8. I like the idea of playing different opening. But I'd still really like to see a plan.

  9. Go out there and win that Michigan Open!!

  10. I will probably be the last seed or very close to it, since there is a U-1800 Section and I have to play in the Open Section. I like being the underdog - no pressure.