Friday, August 25, 2006

Progress(No Progress) Report

Well, I am almost at the point where I start playing a lot less and instead study/get lessons. As far as gaining rating points I have a net gain of zero! But since I mainly spent my time playing this is hardly surprising. I have played every w-end for the last 13 w-ends in addition to the Wednesday and Thursday games at the local chess clubs.

What I have noticed in many of my losses is that I play well up to a point and then make one or two move tactical errors(sometimes very basic) which cost me the game. I have to learn to concentrate until the game is over.

2-4 Michigan Open

16-17 Iowa Open

13-15 or 14-15 15th Annual Midwest Class Championships




  1. Suggestions to help you get to 2000:
    1) Stop beating yourself up over errors. Learn from it and move on.
    2) If you are losing your games due to tactical errors, the path to get better is clear. All the strategy in the world will not help until you can stay with the 1700-2000 players in tactics.
    3) Find the time limit you do best in and stick to it.
    4) Examine how you win your games against different rated players and try to recreate those conditions. If you out-tactic players, stick with tactics. If you win in the endgames, try to get to the endgame as quick as possible.
    5) I recommend the book 'Chess for Tigers' by Simon Webb for someone who wants to maximize their results. It is filled with practical advice for winning as opposed to playing better chess.

    Good Luck

  2. Thanks for the comments and advice

  3. Ivan

    I noticed your games from your last few events if your wanting to gain rating points and improve then you can't lose to people some 200,300 plus points below you. If I was 1800 and I lost to anyone under 1700 then I would think well I dont think Im as good as being 1800. Now sure I lose sometimes to 1900 players and when I do it hurts but I go away look at my games work out whats wrong and fix it.

    I wonder what would your rating me if you didnt have your floor ?

    I know my floor is 2100 so Im about 140 points above my floor right now.

    You have to work hard in every game you play for every move of the game and dont get lazy.

    I will be at the Iowa open next month see you there !

    Jon Burgess

  4. I was playing at about 1850 last summer and got my rating upto 1880, but then the something happened that I can't explain. I am now playing at a about a 1700 level which is indicated by my quick rating. I seem to do better against stronger opposition. So maybe I can turn things around in Michigan this w=-end, since I will be playing mostly (if not all) higher rated opposition.