Thursday, August 03, 2006

A painful loss - Comments/Advice welcome

Using Non-Chess Tactics that came back to bite me!

This game is part of G/90 tournament that is played at the rate of one game a week. I noticed that my opponent always arrives late (up to 30 min.), so I decided to take the delay off my clock. But this time he came on time, and I am the one who ran out of time!

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  1. Dude ... your problem is that you are playing with absolutely NO PLAN. And if you keep playing nothing but speed chess, you never will learn to plan. Put away that @$!*% Fritz. Stop calculating your rating gain or loss from every single tournament. Forget who won, and how much money they made! Think long term! "Plan" for success.

  2. I hardly play speed chess. I have a goal of trying to get to 2000 by the Feb2007 rating list, that is why I am keeping trcack of my rating after every tournament. I am spending a lot more time playing rather than studying. In a few weeks I will be doing the opposit. I will then try to get a coach and use the games I have played.

  3. G/30, G/45 ... that is speed chess. Take it from someone who has been on a very long plateau - and this applies not just to chess - doing something wrong again and again does not lead to improvement. You would learn more from playing one slow game and spending five-ten hours analyzing it *on your own*, than from twenty G/45s. Feb 2007 may seem far away, but if you keep doing exactly what you have done before ... how can you expect that your chess will improve? (Note that I speak of "chess improving" than "rating increasing.")

  4. This is my strategy:

    Phase 1 : Play a lot of tournament games at G/60 or better.

    Phase 2 : Use the games to figure out problem areas with a coach. Study relevent material. Play a lot less.

    I am at the end of Phase 1. The coach is NM Pete Karagianis and I have just started taking lessons for the first time.